Major Rule Change – Points Awarded

This season we have a major change to Rules 5.3 & 5.4 relating to how points are awarded. Instead of 2 points for a match win, I point for a draw and 0 points for a loss there will be 1 point awarded for each game won in a match.

Teams will still play 8 events (4 mixed, 2 men’s and 2 ladies doubles) and these events will still be the best of three games in accordance with the rally points scoring system. At the end of the event the captain will record the number of games won and the total of the rally points won by each team.

(The new match score sheet is available on the downloads page and must be used by all teams)

The match result: games won by each team (e.g. 5:14, 12:7, 16:8, 4:13 ) shall be entered on to the website by the home team.

At the end of the season the team having accumulated the greatest number of points (i.e. who have won the greatest number of games) will be the winners of their division.