New Look Cup Competitions

The Parker Trophy (Divisions 1 & 2) and the Capper Trophy (Divisions 3 & 4)

Will be held on Sunday 18 Mar 2018 – 1pm to 5pm approx. at the Cheshire County Sports Club
(if subscription to the tournament is high there will be semi-finals and finals on Sun 15 Apr 2018)

Team competition for 3 men and 3 women. The players must be from the same club within the Chester and District League. There must be at least one player from Division 1 or 2 for the team to enter the Parker Trophy. The team will be handicapped on the strongest person in the team. Players from divisions 1 and 2 cannot enter the Capper Cup.

Initially a round robin game. Each team plays one mens, one ladies and one mixed against each opposition team. Every time the opposition changes the pairings within the team must change. For example men A & B for team 1 play against A & C for team 2. Therefore man C and man B play mixed for teams 1 and 2 respectively. In the next round robin round against a different team the mens must be played by A and C or B and C for team 1. Once three round robin games are played the combination resets.

Entry is £6 per person. Team members to be named upon entry however players can be changed up until two weeks before the tournament. All players to be registered with the Chester & District League.

The entry form is available on the Downloads page.